Strinda Upper Secondary School, Norwegen

Strinda Upper Secondary School is situated in Trondheim in the municipality of Trøndelag. The school has about 1100 students and a staff of 220. We offer 5 education programs, including a sports faculty, vocational programs and general university admissions certification.
The program for general university admissions certification includes science subjects, languages, social subjects, economics, marketing, sports and music. Vocational subjects include health and childcare, restaurant and food production and electrical subjects.
Strinda Upper Secondary School has a great experience working with international projects. The last Erasmus Plus project, „Eating for Life“ with students from 6 countries included, was a great success. To be a partner school in „Biodiversity meets Music“ allows us to introduce other schools to the process of establishing a class with sustainability and biodiversity as the main focus, as well as an opportunity to get inspired, get new ideas and learn from other participants. The sustainability class will start in August this year, aiming for a wider understanding of the term sustainability by a joint effort from all common core subjects. We will also be focused on the conservation of various species in Norway, like bees and birds.
Because of this, we wish our students to be updated upon how other young people in other European countries are interested in working with subjects like this.