Cell phone collection campaign for bumblebees, bees and co.

Cell phone collection campaign for bumblebees, bees and co.

210421. 6a gets involved in insect protection.

After the students had dealt with the problem of insect mortality, especially bee mortality, mainly in distance learning classes, the idea and the desire arose to become active for the protection of insects themselves. The idea was to support an existing project of the NABU Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union, which at the same time draws attention to another problem of our society, namely the far too careless and wasteful use of finite resources. The aim of the campaign is to collect as many as possible of the more than 1 billion cell phones that lie dormant in drawers in numerous households and are no longer used, and to recycle them. NABU receives an annual donation from the participating recycling companies for this support in “raw material recovery”. The money collected then goes into the NABU Insect Protection Fund. With the help of this Fund, arable land and meadows are purchased by the NABU Foundation National Natural Heritage and thus secured as habitats for insects. In addition, field margins are converted into flower strips, colorful flowering meadows and pastures are created, and hedges are also planted.

The students ordered collection boxes, created posters to present in school and draw attention to the project at several collection points. The first boxes were placed in the secretary’s office of the Ritze, in the Hirsch pharmacy in Büsbach, in the ice cream parlor in Mausbach and in other places with visitor traffic.

Full of pride, the students told of their project idea and asked for support to be allowed to set up their boxes at the collection points. Now everyone is hoping that the boxes will soon fill up, despite going out and contact restrictions, and that as many Stolberg citizens as possible will actively support the project and also throw in their old appliances and recycle them in this way. The project will certainly take quite a while – we will report here on the progress and success.
Please support us and bring no longer needed smartphones, tablets, power supplies and chargers to the secretariat.

Important: For safety reasons, please do not put the battery loose in the recycling boxes or in the envelope. This can ignite. The battery must be inserted into the device – if the battery holder is broken, please secure it with adhesive tape. Better yet, place cell phones in waterproof plastic bags. Damaged lithium batteries or those recalled by the manufacturer must not be thrown in!


Background info on the NABU Project

NABU Insect Protection Fund

Photos: A. Atay (6a), Dr. O.