The Institute of Secondary Education “Federico Mayor Zaragoza” is located in Andalusia, specifically in Sevilla, is a secondary school with Secondary school and Vocational Training studies, as well as Teaching for adult people. The vocational school area includes the Training branches: Nursing, Telecommunications, health emergencies and rescue, and Laboratory studies, the latter options interest students between 16 and 21 years old. Our school comprises of 650 students, 74 teachers, 7 members of management team.
As Sevilla is in the south, on the edge Europe, it is very important to be in contact with other European countries, in order to improve our relations skills with other educational institutions to give young people the opportunity to contact and to share their knowledge and to exchange views on cultural values. The motivation that drives our participation as a partner of the current candidacy is in its mission: to offer students an educational project with a clear European value, capable of guaranteeing the development of language skills in other foreign languages, intercultural skills, abilities digital and interpersonal skills aimed at guaranteeing a comprehensive social and labor insertion, and to awaken in adolescents curiosity and love of nature through classical music and the Opera. Thanks to its condition as a physical phenomenon, music has a close relationship with nature, since it is part of it. In fact, music will find an important source of inspiration in the natural environment, either by recreating the audible, expressing or underlining the feelings of the human being within an environment. This will enable, conveniently using it as a vehicle, to reveal the beauty of nature, showing its landscape elements, life in it and its most characteristic phenomena: water, earth, air, animals, plants, rain, storms, seasons, dawn, dusk, sun, moon, etc … In this sense, we are interested in working and developing our objectives through the knowledge and performance of innovative transversal works such as the one that defines this project, connecting the artistic expression of the musical heritage, with: respect, knowledge and preservation of the biodiversity of our natural surroundings.
We have established an Internationalization Commission within the school, composed of professionals directly involved in the promotion of European projects: The Director, Manuel Pena Garrido, with the function of coordinating the entire project initiative; the Deputy Director, Pedro Valdivia Moral, as project manager, and technical activities coordinator and the Coordinator of relations with European companies and partners, Jana Estévez Amador, , with the task of maintaining relations with partners and companies in the different European countries. In addition, a group of two to three professors from different areas is involved, who are in charge of working with the students in the classrooms, especially within the departmets of Music and Biology.